Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Unschooling: Motivation and Inspiration

This can usually be found as a static page on the blog, but I wanted to share the latest version here as well. I have added links to other sites for inspiration! Happy reading...

Comparing Schooling And Unschooling

It's no secret that I am not a big fan of school, especially the way it is currently set up. Here is why I think going to school is like riding a train, and not even to an exciting place.

Here is how unschooling is extremely different from that: 

Now, I know what you might be thinking. And it probably has to do with some combination of the following topics. If so, check out my posts that attempt to answer the questions and feel free to question even further.


Think about these questions for yourself first. It will help you sort out how you really feel about the relationship between school and socialization.

Then look at my own answers to the same questions. Basically, I argue that school is not the best place for socialization.

Things Everyone Needs To Know

This post will get you thinking about whether there are actually many things that everyone needs to know.

Worried about sounding ignorant at dinner parties? You might be going to the wrong dinner parties.

Teaching Children the Right Things

I am not worried about making sure my kids learn the right things. I trust that they will learn the things they need, when the need comes up. And I will help my children in any way that I can. But I don't consider myself their teacher.

Not Letting Children Go To School

Some people seem worried that my kids will grow up thinking they missed out on the great experience of school because I won't let them go. But I don't think of it as not letting my children go to school. For me, it is about not forcing them to go to school. If they decide they would like to go, for any amount of time, I will support that decision. They will be free to make up their own minds.

Not Giving Any Guidance

Lots of people seem to equate unschooling with neglect. As if unschooling parents just sit back and let their children "do whatever they want," without and thought or care. But unschooling is NOT "un-parenting" or "hands-off" parenting. Unschooling is NOT parents not caring what their children are doing. You can read any of my posts on parenting to see that.

In one of them, I compare parenting with guiding someone on a difficult hike, asking which type of guide you would rather have on such an adventure. Hint: you don't have to choose either too controlling or completely aloof. In another post, I explain that I think of myself as the hostess of a party, with my children as my guests.


Sandra Dodd features her own thoughts, as well as the writings of other unschooling parents here. Get lost in the many, many pages of beautiful about love and learning.

Joyce Fetteroll posts her thoughts here. Her site is a collection of her logical and eloquent responses to real questions she has faced on unschooling discussion lists.

Enjoy Life Unschooling has an extensive list of blogs by unschooling moms, dads, and children, and other great things to explore as well.