Metaphors That Guide My Parenting

I'm hosting a party for some really special guests.

I'm guiding a friend on a long, difficult hike.

I'm playing tennis with a novice.

Other Random Thoughts (Twitter-style)

If you choose to lie to your kids, manipulate them, control them, don't be surprised when they choose to do the same things to you.

Teaching someone something does NOT guarantee he will learn it.

Let's stop drawing arbitrary lines about when and how it's ok to hit a child. Let's draw a big thick line between hitting and not hitting.

How is a child supposed to learn "self-control" while being tightly controlled by someone else?

Nature makes us who we are, and Nurture can only change how free we feel to be ourselves.

Deep down inside any adult who hates children must be a child who was raised to hate himself.

In truly and fully accepting my children for who they are, I realized it's only fair if I give myself the same courtesy.

Your kids don't need lessons about honesty; they need proof that you can handle the truth.

If the 8-wk summer is enough to make a kid forget what he learned in school, then he never really learned it.

If your child is within reach for a spanking, he's within reach for a hug. The hug wins every time.

Parent like your kids always have the choice whether to be with you or not.

If you feel like your kid doesn't listen to you, you are probably saying too much shit he doesn't want to hear.

No one will ever convince me that making all kids learn the same things, the same ways has any benefits whatsoever.

If you teach a man to fish, he may eat for a lifetime. Unless he hates to eat fish. Then you will have just wasted his time.

If you have a question about parenting your child, try asking your child first!

It's not an offer if it can't be refused.