About Me

I am the mother of two children, ages 3 and 5, and wife to a wonderful man.

We all stay up late. Some of our most fun moments with the kids seem to happen after midnight. We all love chips and ice cream and watching movies. Some of us also love jumping off of the top bunk of our bunk beds.

I'm enjoying learning with, from, and about my kids every day. We aren't going to send our children to school, not because of what's wrong with school, but because of what's right (for us) with not-school. There is no one out there more qualified to be with our children all day than me, and that's not because I have a Masters degree in Math.

I love learning but did not love school. I write about school because I wish I could change it for the kids who have to go. I wish someone could have changed it before I had to go through it. I tutor school kids in the afternoons, to help support our family. I get to see how demanding school has become, even more than when I was in it. My heart breaks each time I hear a kid say "I'm just stupid" when he doesn't understand something.

Thanks for reading.


UPDATE: I don't post very often.

Contact me: demandeuphoriablog@gmail.com