Sunday, May 8, 2011

Things I Wish I Never Said To My Mom

Dear Mom,

Thanks for everything you have done for me over the past 28 years. I don't know how you raised six of us and made it look easy, but you did.

I would like to publicly apologize for the following things I said to you when I was a kid:

  1. My goal is to be more organized than you when I grow up. I was about nine years old when I said this. Clearly, I had no idea how organized you actually were! And there is no chance of me achieving this goal. What I say now: Thanks for coming over to my house and helping me get more organized, since I can't stay on top of things myself even with only two kids.
  2. Why didn't you force me to keep taking piano lessons? Maybe I was seventeen when I said this. But it was still really stupid. You forcing me to continue would not have done anything good for me or for our relationship. What I say now: Thanks for letting me quit things when I wanted to.
  3. But I really wanted a CD player... This happened on Christmas when I was about eleven. I will never forget because I felt really guilty after I said it. You had spent a month buying things for us, and I got tons of really nice presents. What I say now: Thanks for all the great gifts you have ever given me, most importantly your unconditional love, your time, and your support.
I'm sorry for the times I didn't appreciate you.

Thanks for giving me a lot of reasons to celebrate you today and every day. I appreciate you now more than you will ever know.


Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mother and to all the other amazing mothers out there who also give their kids lots of reasons to celebrate them every day.


  1. I love this. My mom had lots to feel guilty about, and there are lots she did to mess me up. But there are still many things I felt bad about saying to her too and it's been good that we have worked out a better relationship after healing those past errors. You know you're a good mom when you can appreciate your kids and your own parents the way you do! :)

  2. @Hollie, I have to say, it felt good to publicly apologize to my mom. :)